Hide Ip Proxy - Proxy to hide your ip for privacy

Hide IP Proxy is an anonymous web based proxy. You can hide your ip address and protect your privacy from the malicious web. You can browse any site of your choice by using the free web browsing service provided by Hide IP Proxy. Hide IP Proxy allows you to bypass any network restrictions from your workplace or college.Hide IP Proxy runs on a high speed dedicated server.

Privacy of your ip address and personal information is very important. If you expose your ip address, your personal information can be misused in many ways. Protecting your privacy with hidden IPs is a necessity. You should avoid websites and malwares from tracking your geographic location, ip address, personal information, etc.

By browsing anonymously, you protect your privacy and personal information. Security is also enhanced as you browse through an anonymous web filter which removes malicious scripts, virus, worms, trozans etc. from entering your PC. Hide IP Proxy acts as a web filtering server. Your web browsing history will also become untraceable. The dedicated server makes it reliable and faster.

Hide IP Proxy is a free web proxy based on Glype. It acts as an interface between end users and the websites that user wants to open. Therefore, there's no direct interaction between web server and the user. Hence, no logs are available on both ends and anonymity is maintained. Similarly, ip address of our server replaces that of user and hides the users ip address.

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